Don’t wish for it,
work for it


With the proper training, and with equal work on muscles and joints, strength, flexibility and coordination, anyone can learn pull-ups, handstand push-ups, handstand walks, muscle-ups, cartwheels, bar muscle-ups, you name it. More advanced athletes will move on to more advanced variations, while novice “gymnasts” will continue to work on achieving the basics.

What to Expect

This class focuses on the following:

  • Hand, wrist, shoulder and hip mobility and strength training exercises
  • Gymnastics upper body strength training exercises that will help you improve your hand stands, dips, pull-ups, muscle-ups, push-ups, burpees, ring rows, etc.
  • Grip strength for improved work on the rig, rings and barbells
  • Work on advanced skills such as the “kip” for muscle-ups, butterfly pull-ups, and more!
  • Locomotion drills that improve coordination, mobility, strength and balance
  • A series of exercises to work on before and after class so that you can continue improving

No prerequisite necessary

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